Requirements To Join The Army

In a world where you may feel that what you do has little impact on anyone else, becoming a soldier gives you a chance to make a difference. In order to make this important contribution, you must know the requirements to join the Army so you can prepare yourself for service. Your Army recruiter can tell you about opportunities in the service, but you must meet some basic requirements.

Non-negotiable Requirements To Join The Army

The Army offers you opportunities for service and for career training, but you must come in with a high school diploma. Have a GED? The Army may accept you, but you won’t get as far as soldiers with diplomas. If you have taken at least 15 credit hours after receiving your GED, you will be given full credit for the GED.

To be useful in performing their duties, soldiers must be in good physical shape. You need to be in good health,have good physical condition, and pass a standard physical. You don’t need perfect eyesight even to work in aviation, but your vision problems must be correctable by lenses, contacts, or laser surgery

The Army depends on the vigor of youth, but you must be at least 18 to join the service, although a parent or guardian may sign a consent form if you want to enter at 17. Active-duty soldiers must be between 17 and 42, reservists between 17 and 40, and guard soldiers between 17 and 35.

Your Citizenship’s Status

The Army accepts any legal permit resident of the United States with a green card that substantiates his resident alien status for enlistment in the U.S. Army. If the recruit wants to become a citizen, he will be fast-tracked along the road to naturalization. Until that time, he might be restricted from performing some Army jobs, but he will treated as a citizen within the Army. US citizenship at the time of recruitment is not a requirement to join the Army.

Determining Your Future With ASVAB Testing

Just because you join the Army does not mean that you will be on the front lines. The Army has many needs and offers many job opportunities for recruits. To find your career path, you must pass a battery of tests known as the ASVAB, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

The tests assess your abilities in the following areas:

• Word knowledge

• Paragraph comprehension

• Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension

• Arithmetic Reasoning

• Mathematical Knowledge

• Numerical Operations

• General Science

• Coding Speed

• Auto and Shop Information

• Mechanical Comprehension

• Electronics Information

Your score on the ABVAS determines your fitness for the military, as well as your suitability for particular careers. Some jobs require a higher package of verbal skills,while others require math or engineering abilities. If you are aiming for particular career path, you should review the Army jobs list and then prepare to improve your scores in certain areas much as you would for a college entrance exam.

Before enlisting, you should know the requirements to join the Army to make sure you can meet them. In many cases, you can do what is necessary to enlist, such as losing weight, developing your physical strength, or continuing your education. Joining the Army offers many rewards,but you must meet the requirements to enjoy them.